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We design and manufacture the best tailored technological solutions for each customer.

Born from the twenty-year experience of two partners, F.M. Installazioni is now a leader in the maintenance of commercial and industrial plants, as well as in public procurement field.

Our history

The F.M. INSTALLATIONS, founded in 1998, took its first steps as a company operating in the field of plant engineering, creating electrical distribution systems and industrial automation in industrial and commercial offices, schools, credit institutions, etc.

Later in 2005 it became Limited Liability Company, acquiring the ISO 9001 quality certification and SOA certification to be able to participate in tenders, both in the private and public branch.

In addition to carrying out the activity throughout Italy, the company expanded its range of action to Germany, Switzerland, Romania and Brazil, bringing additional know-how to the business processes.

la nostra storia

Where we are

F.M. operates throughout Italy, above all in the northeast part of the country.

It is one of the leading companies in the Veneto region in the plant and mechanical engineering sectors.


This position has been achieved thanks to the excellent skilled company resources both on the administrative and the technical field.

The F.M. team is a real resource that leads the company to meet the needs of its customers in a professional and exemplary way.

i luoghi

The company and its people

For more than twenty years F.M. was able to consolidate a company performance management process, thanks to the right synergy between the team and their continuous professional growth.

The result of an open communication system together with concrete operational experiences is F.M. Installazioni ability to best manage critical issues and provide the ideal solutions for every type of maintenance need, guaranteeing an intervention that is not only fast, effective and efficient, but also available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Our certifications

The certifications "SOA" and "RINA" allow F.M. Installazioni to operate in the different sectors required by the competent bodies and regulations, throughout the national territory.

F.M. Installazioni can offer cutting-edge and coordinated services, to achieve excellent integration in every market segment. Since 2005 the company is certified ISO 9001 for quality. In the same year, the SOA certification was also introduced, this allows company to participate in tenders for public works.

In 2013 the ISO is integrated with the FGAS certification, a mandatory document to authorize staff and the company to manage fluorinated gases (f-gas).

Since 2021 the F.M. Installations is certified ISO 14001, this certification provides a management structure for the integration of environmental practices, pursuing environmental protection, pollution prevention, and the reduction of energy and resource consumption.

le certificazioni

Our method

1. Customer requests verification and solutions analysis

2. Design and quotation

3. Commission opening and identification of the person in charge

4. Work execution and final testing

5. Declarations of conformity issuance

6. Follow up for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance

_I5A1293 copia.jpg
il metodo


The SINT portal is presented as an innovative tool as weel as a nerve center and functional organization for the direct connection between the company and the customer created to facilitate both parties through a fluent web-based IT support.

Through the functions of the system, it is possible for the company to coordinate, oversee and monitor each activity and for the customer to make specific requests for intervention.


The tickets issuance eases this prosses by sending the request directly to the responsible person, who shall endeavor to ensure prompt intervention.

This portal also allows the creation of working reports directly related to the specific service provided and shared by both parties in question.

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