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We work to meet every need.

We realize and perform the maintenance of any type of plant. We have a consolidated experience in the electrical, thermohydraulic, anti-intrusion, video surveillance, fire, photovoltaic, air conditioning and air conditioning sectors, both in the civil and industrial sectors.




Plant construction in all technologically advanced, functional, and reliable sectors using modern and sustainable solutions.


The projects range to all sectors and uses.

The systems are efficient, durable, and implemented with innovative technologies and materials, employing highly specialized personnel and using high quality certified products, with particular attention to environmental sustainability.


• electrical, civil and industrial installations

• telecommunications installations

• atmospheric discharge protection systems

• ire protection, intrusion, burglar alarm and video surveillance systems

• processing plants MT/BT

• electrical panel wiring

• street lighting installations

• plumbing installations

• persons lifting equipment

• photovoltaic systems

• geothermal and heat pumps

• installations and replacements of boilers of various power

• installations by UTA, CILER



The F.M. Installazioni provides continuous assistance on all types of systems and on specific requests, thanks to its technicians specialized in maintenance for all business divisions.


The reliability of the skills of the staff is guaranteed by the constantly updated personal certifications.

Routine and call-to-action maintenance are performed, where required, for all installations with periodic and extraordinary overhaul on all types of plants.


In the field of safety, the F.M. has equipped a series of vehicles for the testing and overhaul of fire extinguishers and established a working relationship with the leading supplier of the sector.


• Third party boiler conductors responsible


• Firefighting


• Atex

• Electrical substations MT/BT

• Welding

• Fire extinguishers, fire hydrants and fire doors

• CDZ HAIR systems

• Heat pumps



The CONTRACT sector kicks off in 2010.

Thanks to its experience gained over the years, the company feels able to carry out at national and foreign level processes that include both the electrical plant, thermohydraulic distribution and the building part (not structural) creating shops, commercial spaces, and dental practices, with worktops created by the company or by customers.


The execution of the project and the planned processes are coordinated by and with the staff within the company.

As for certain assignments for external work, they are contracted out to companies of maximum trust, connected to F.M. through working relationships also decennial, in such a way as to guarantee the final product by applying the utmost professionalism in each area.

The plant works are carried out exclusively with our internal staff.

The F.M. can offer a pool of engineering and architecture professionals for any customer need, from the plant engineering sector to the furnishing of residential and commercial interiors, ensuring an effective after-sales service.


• Walls in plasterboard

• Ceilings

• Stoneware, linoleum, PVC flooring

• Thermal installations

• Electrical installations

• Special installations

• Doors and windows

• Glass walls

• Office furniture and custom furniture

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